Playful Greens

Lettuce, Walnuts, Pears and Parmesan Salad

I must admit that I wouldn’t choose salads as the first pick while at a restaurant. It is only after deciding on the hors d’oeuvre and main course, if need be, then I would consider ordering a salad. Or if I was attempting to go on a diet yet again. This is not because I detest my greens; on the contrary, I love them. But while eating out, I prefer putting my money on the many meat options than spending on mere veggies. 

But this gloomy Sunday afternoon, after many years, I decided to opt for a light salad rather than an elaborate brunch. And what a refreshing change it was! Heaps of fresh lettuce with pears and walnuts, dressed in vinaigrette and garnished with Parmesan. Simple yet with an immensely satisfying aftertaste. Here’s hoping for many more lunches seeking the green diet!

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