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Review: Mother Cluckers Bar

chutney mary

Chutney Mary

A girlfriend was turning the grand old age of twenty-something, and choosing a place for her birthday do was serious business. Going by our track record, especially on nights like these, we wanted a place that would turn a deaf ear to a boisterous table, smile beatifically upon tipsy shenanigans, but still have a menu which featured bar bites outside of peanutmasala-chillichicken-tikka-fries.

We finally settled on Mother Cluckers Bar in Indiranagar, by the same guys behind the ridiculously successful Plan B. When we walked in, we knew it was a smart choice.

About ten of us settled into what is possibly the biggest table they have, and soon, the menu arrived – a mighty wooden board with listings on both sides. Those (like yours truly) who don’t really do beer will be glad to know the spacious bar is fully stocked and serves some pretty creative cocktails.

I tried the Chutney Mary – guava juice with vodka, blended with spices such as black pepper and red chilli flakes, with a hint of tabasco.  Comparisons with its bloody cousin would be unfair, but on its own, it’s really quite enjoyable. A friend ordered the Dirty Ho, and after a couple of sips, we agreed it was a truly inspired name. They’re definitely heavy handed with the alcohol when it comes to this whiskey-based cocktail. Drink one too quickly on an empty stomach, your inhibitions WILL be shed.

DSC02575 DSC02546

(Above: Dirty Ho and Rude Cosmo)

They also have a Rude Cosmo, with tequila, Cointreau and cranberry juice. I’m a bit of a Cosmo purist (I blame those darn SATC reruns), but I loved this one. Not too sweet, not too strong, and perfectly blended. *Insert SJP-Goldilocks joke here. Anyone?*


Clucker on Skates

Regulars of Plan B will spot many familiar names on the food menu, but there are a few inspired by whole ‘clucker’ theme they have going on. We had the Clucker on Skates – pulled chicken in potato skins, topped with a piquant sauce. The chicken was cooked just right, and while the sauce could be a little overpowering for those who like subtle flavours, it was enjoyed by pretty much everyone. Next up was the Creamy Buffalo – chicken wings slathered in a creamy sauce with a hint of chilli. Very messy, but another definite winner!


Creamy Buffalo

The vegetarians at the table gave two thumbs up to Chilli Potato. The plate came loaded with crispy slivers of potato, with a surprisingly rich, meaty flavour.


Chilli Potato

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of rich and meaty, we also tried the Coorg Pork. Now, I’m not partial to pork (okay I lied, I totally am!), but this was the winner of the night for me. Smoky, spicy and absolutely gorgeous.

And the pigging out didn’t stop there. The Clucker Satay disappeared in all of two minutes. Pleasantly sweet, and it would have been perfect if it was a bit more moist.

DSC02535 DSC02537

(Above: Coorg Pork and The Clucker Satay)

By now we were pretty stuffed and about to call it a night…till someone spotted Bacon Wrapped Sausages. Two words – meaty heaven.

We finally dragged ourselves out at 11:15, with wide grins and full tummies. Would we go back? Cluck, yeah!

Address: 957, 12th Main, Opp. Golds Gym, Indiranagar, Bangalore, India 560008; Ph: 09845 096332

Décor: Casual, warm, lots of wood.

Avg. Meal for Two: Rs. 1500

Alcohol: Yes

Smoking: Yes, but not at the table.


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