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Flirting With Cosmo At Shiro


Photo credit: Nithin Sagi
Location: Shiro Bangalore

Cosmopolitan, the quintessential cocktail is more than just a drink for most girls. It is a loyal companion – from kick-starting the party to lending comfort at the darkest of hours. And if there are somethings that we girls just can’t do without, then cosmo definitely ranks among the top in our list. So this weekend, we decided to spend some time alone with the pink lady and headed over to Shiro Bangalore where she is at her very best. 

While we enjoyed the first round of the classic, we then decided to put the bartender to the test and requested him to shake up a cocktail inspired from the cosmo but with a twist. He happily obliged and soon enough presented us with the Geishapolitan. This oriental beauty bore the same hue as that of the classic, and was a smooth mix of peaches, pomegranate juice and sake.


DSC_0268 DSC_0294 (2)

“Pomegranate juice and sake go very well together and it also lends the pink hue to the drink,” explained the bartender. Sake in cosmo, who would have thought! But that’s the thing about cocktails, the more you experiment, the more you discover which ingredients blend well together.


Photo credit: Nithin Sagi

Joining in our afternoon’s agenda of twisting the classic cosmo, Dhiren, the General Manager of Shiro had his version to share. Together with the bartender, he presented us with the Cowboy’s Cosmo. “Cosmopolitan is commonly considered to be a woman’s drink. But my version is for the men. It’s a mix of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, cointreau, lime juice and cranberry. It’s not overpoweringly sweet nor too tart,” said Dhiren.

Cowboy's Cosmo

Photo credit: Nithin Sagi

Now there’s another thing about girls: we are very possessive when it comes to our belongings, and having to share our cosmo with the men took some adjusting. But the combination of whiskey and cranberry was deliciously good to savour it all alone and not share. So me made an exception. And it had the men raving about cosmo too!

Classics, they say should not be played around with, but this attempt at twisting the cosmo triggered our imagination to endless ideas and the whole afternoon was spent discussing variety ingredients and flavours. Seems like tons of drinking sessions are lined up. Cheers!


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