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Three Dishes We Love At Fenny’s

Rosemary Baked Beef

Rosemary Baked Beef

When this Goan-themed waterhole opened doors in Koramangala, party people in the locality cheered. What’s great about it is that it manages to keep the focus on food as well. Here are a few dishes we loved over several visits. 

Mushroom Dollars: Even the most hard-core carnivore will swoon in approval after biting into one of these babies. They’re a great blend of flavour and texture: crispy bread, topped with a creamy mushroom mixture injected with a hint of chilli, held in place by a cheese topping. A nice touch is the dollop of mashed potato under each dollar, which prevents it from slipping from the plate.

Mushroom Dollars

Mushroom Dollars

Roasted Chicken Salad: There are plenty of salads around, but this is one that has stood out in the recent past. The chicken is delicately spiced and deliciously tender, and the greens are fresh (a rarity, sadly).  The whole thing is finished off with a beautiful balsamic reduction, while a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper adds a finishing touch. A great option for lunch, or for keeping you away from the more sinful options on the menu if you’re watching your weight. (We speak from experience)

Roasted Chicken Salad

Roasted Chicken Salad

Rosemary Baked Beef: This is pure, simple comfort food! It’s baked in the style of a classic Shepherd’s Pie, with steaming hot mince blanketed with fluffy-as-a-cloud mashed potatoes. Just what you need on the chilly days we’ve been enjoying of late. And trust us, you can’t stop at one bite.


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