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Bespoke Dinnerware presented by Interarts


By Portmeirion

I believe, for a meal to be deemed memorable, taste is not the only criteria. It is the whole experience that lends meaning to it. Some maybe particular about the setting, linen, flowers, glassware, cutlery, etc. As for me, pretty dinnerware play an important role when having friends and family over and I am serving them the best from my culinary repertoire. 

I am sure most of us have a few sets of designer dinnerware, carefully reserved for those special occasions. I remember my mom’s precious bone china dinner set; stark white with delicate floral patterns in vibrant hues. Just the sight of them laid out on the table and we knew that an elaborate gastronomic affair was in order. As kids, we were never allowed to handle the china without supervision. In most occasions, the kids were denied to dine in them and were instead given unbreakable plates, much to our dismay.

Designer dinnerware were originally created to grace the dining tables of royal families centuries ago. It was then incorporated in the concept of fine dining which gained much popularity and over the years, it has made its way to our homes. Now, we can’t imagine a formal dinner without having some exquisite dinnerware to flaunt to our guests.


By William Edward


By Falken Porzellan

In a recent exhibition in the city by Interarts, I was amazed at the dinnerware collection they had on display. Interarts is an international promoter of object’d art and an art consultancy that offers contemporary art for corporate and private collectors. Started by Sunil and Purnima Sethi, they are passionate about bringing to light the work of world renowned artists and manufacturers at the best prices. They have managed to successfully demonstrate that art has no boundaries, bringing together people with talent and aesthetic taste on a common platform.

The exhibition showcased luxurious dinnerware by international designers such as William Edward whose creations have graced the Queen’s dining table at Buckingham Palace, Josiah Spode who popularised under-glazed blue transfer printing, Portmeirion by Susan Williams-Ellis and Euan Cooper-Willis, Vista Alegre by Jose Ferreira Pinto Basto who is known for his porcelain collection, Versace, Rosenthal, Falken Porzellan known for hand painted designs using 24 karat gold and platinum, and Royal Albert amongst others.

By Spode

For those seeking exquisite dinnerware to add to your precious collection, you could have a look at Interarts. They have plenty options for customisation and they deliver the products right to your doorsteps!

For more information log onto http://www.interart.in



  1. When I spent 3 months in Hong Kong with my cousin, I made her take out all her nice china for dinner every night! I truly believe that good china enhances your meal or tea or dessert and I wish people wouldn’t just use it for decorative purposes.

    • Thanks Ratan for sharing your thoughts. Those pretty pieces are truly worth investing in. Makes me want to spend less on my shoes and clothes 😉

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