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Going Wild With Mushrooms at Likethatonly

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Teriyaki Glazed Wild Mushrooms
Photo credit: Nithin Sagi; Location: Likethatonly

Peculiar, oddly-shaped yet intriguing, there’s much more to mushroom than meets the eye. The question is, are you willing to explore? Chef Prashanth Puttaswamy from Likethatonly shares an easy recipe to toss up wild mushrooms at home. 

DSC_1600-2Mushroom still remains one of those scarcely explored ingredients in the Indian scenario. This is mostly because of a preconceived notion of them not being safe for consumption. I remember as kids, we were never encouraged to have them. Once in a while, the canned mushrooms were brought home which were used as pizza toppings, in pastas, stir-fries, etc. They were considered safer than going out to explore the fresh or dried ones.


Chef Prashanth Puttaswamy
Photo credit: Nithin Sagi

Over the years, the canned version has taken a back seat, and the fresh button mushrooms seem to be the favoured choice. Hopefully, the other varieties such as white and black fungus, oyster, porcini or shiitake gain as much popularity.

“Mushroom is an interesting ingredient with so many varieties. Some are distinctive in flavour while others stand-out for their texture. For example, the shiitake is firm and has a meaty flavour whereas the white fungus is tasteless but has a nice crunch. The oyster mushroom on the other hand gives off a lot of water while being cooked but blends well with spices. If you know the specific details of each variety, there’s no end to creating flavoursome dishes,” says Chef Puttaswamy.

The Teriyaki Glazed Wild Mushrooms is a delightful dish that includes five varieties of mushrooms (fresh and dried) which when tossed together with teriyaki enhances the different flavours and textures of the mushrooms. I must admit that I didn’t favour mushrooms much till I tried this dish on my first visit to the restaurant. And the taste still remains as a fond memory.

Here’s sharing the recipe:

Teriyaki Glazed Wild Mushrooms

200 gm fresh button mushrooms, 100 gm white fungus, 50 gm black fungus, 50 gm shiitake, 100 gm fresh oyster mushroom

For the sauce

15 gm refined flour, 15 gm butter, 1 tsp chilli flakes, 1 tsp red chilli sauce, 20 ml soy sauce, 100 ml water, 20 ml teriyaki sauce

For the vegetables

20 gm green zucchini, 20 gm yellow zucchini, 20 gm broccoli, 20 gm red capsicum, 10 gm yellow capsicum, 10 gm spring onion, 10 gm garlic, chopped, 10 ml refined oil, salt and black pepper to taste



Photo credit: Nithin Sagi

1. Wash the mushrooms in running cold water. Soak the dried shiitake, white fungus and black fungus in hot water for about 30 minutes. Strain the water from the mushrooms and cut them into small dices and keep aside. Cut the button and oyster into halves.

2. To prepare the vegetables cut all into julienne size and the broccoli into small chunks.

3. For the sauce, add butter to a pan over a slow flame, gently add flour and whisk together. Add rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Turn off the flame and keep it aside.

4. In a separate pan, add oil, garlic, prepared mushrooms and sauté for about 3 to 4 minutes. Then add the prepared vegetables and continue stirring for another 4 to 5 minutes. Add the prepared sauce and toss well.

5. Check for seasoning and finish with chopped spring onions. Serve hot.



  1. Swapna says

    You guys are doing a fantastic job with the Blog! Wide variety of topics, always well written and supported by beautiful photograps 🙂

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