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Stopping By The Tuck Shop

The Tuck Shop

A delicious burger called Red Hot Chilli Peppers at The Tuck Shop

There’s this thing about boarding school kids, some find it annoying but we have this habit of going on endlessly about our school days. Someone just needs to mention a particular teacher, a famous song, an expedition to the hills, birthday parties, jam sessions, morning assembly, prep time, and just about anything and we are guaranteed to have a hundred stories to share. And amongst all the topics, ‘tuck shop’ always brings back fond memories. Back then it meant the world to us and we would eagerly wait for every Saturday to get our hands on some yummy treats. A mere Rs. 50 was our ticket to instant happiness. So when I heard that Koramangala has this eatery called The Tuck Shop, I had to pay it a visit in the hope for a ride down memory lane.

IMG_20130919_173827Nestled in one of the bylanes at Koramangala 6th block, the small cafe has a warm ambience. The blackboard at the entrance lists the day’s specials and as you walk in the quirky prints on the wall reminiscent of school days lightens the mood. If you are with some close friends you are sure to go on a frenzy with childhood memories. M and I picked a Sunday to head over there for lunch. The little eatery was packed with customers and we could see the owners, Ahmed Sharif and Mayank Agarwal running from pillar to post to make sure that everyone was having a good time.


The menu primarily includes burgers, sandwiches, and steaks, and their breakfast section is immensely popular too. Recently they have introduced new appetisers and main course to bring in variety. We loved the fact that each dish had a catchy name to it such as Oh Basanti (juicy beef patty burger with Indian spices), Classy English Dictator (double eggs, bacon and mashed potatoes), Fried Nemo (fish burger), and the like.

We started the afternoon with Raspberrry Iced Tea and Chocolate Milkshake. The iced tea was refreshing with a hint of mint and the right amount of sweetness, and the shake was thick and loaded. To nibble alongside our beverages we ordered 100 which was batter-fried paneer tossed in honey sauce and topped with sesame seeds. The paneer was moist soaking in the flavours of the sauce and it was a pleasant surprise that the sweetness of the honey didn’t overpower the overall taste. I don’t quite like dishes that are sweet unless ofcourse they are desserts.

For main couse we ordered Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Titilating Twins. The first was a burger with a juicy beef patty that was smeared in their signature lava sauce and came along with potato wedges and cole slaw. Eating the burger was a messy affair but neither of us seemed concerned because it tasted that good. I could actually kill to get the recipe of the red bean based sauce!


100 (batter-fried paneer in honey sauce); Titillating Twins

The Titillating Twins were crumb coated chicken breasts in a creamy sauce. The flavouring was mild and we liked the crisp texture but it failed to impress post the loaded burger treat. There are two dishes from the main course section that caught our attention and we made a note to try it the next time we visit: Bong’s (mustard covered rack of lamb) and Italian Style Rohu.

IMG_20130919_165253For a sweet end to a rather chatty afternoon (M and I somehow never seem to run out of stories to tell each other and it’s always a struggle to put a stop and call it a day!), we ordered Blueberry and Nutella waffles, a favourite since childhood days. It was delicious! It’s amazing how something as simple as waffle can brighten your spirit.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon and we are definitely going back to try more dishes, especially the burgers.

# 98/A, 17th B Main,5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, tel: 61335567

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Plavaneeta Borah is a lifestyle journalist, having worked with various media houses in India such as NDTV, BBC Good Food, Times of India and Femina among others for almost a decade. Cooking is her passion, and feeding people is her favourite pastime, apart from perpetually planning her next travel destination.

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