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Lunching at Om Made Cafe


Quiche at Om Made Cafe

Just the other day while carrying out some chores in Koramangala 5th Block, I came across the hoarding of Om Made Cafe. Perched atop a building, the glimpses of the cafe that I caught from the street seemed inviting. This is also because I love rooftop spaces and I feel they automatically score points before you even get to the décor let alone food and beverages. The name sounded funky though it did bring a quizzical expression on my friend’s face when I mentioned it to her. The intended pun on everything these days! We discovered only later that the cafe has its origin in Goa where creator and head chef Gregory Bazire launched it in 2009 at Anjuna.

collage5So while looking for lunch options last weekend, we decided to pay a visit to this newbie in the neighbourhood and were pleasantly surprised with all its offerings. Especially the contemporary Mediterranean set-up with pop art. Must applaud the designer for brilliantly transforming the space into a cheerful, feel-good, dreamy cafe.



For a sunny afternoon we opted for the indoor section close to the central bar with pretty red Gerbera daisies on the table. The instant joy that pretty flowers bring! Since S and I were meeting after a long time, we decided to kick start the afternoon with cocktails. Om Made Cafe offers only bubbly cocktails and some delicious ones at that. My Frost Sparkling Iced Tea was a passion fruit flavoured mix with seco methode classique and garnished with lime wedges and mint leaves while S’s White Sangria was lightly spiced blending in well with the fruits.

Collage 2

White Sangria and Frost Sparkling Iced Tea

To sum up the menu, it includes short bakes, salads, savoury pancakes, grills, sandwiches, burgers, pastas and risottos. Their breakfast section is picking up really well we hear. They have a short menu for the vegans too with interesting options like the raw lasagne and raw chocolate avocado mousse though I am not trying those anytime soon.

For a light lunch, I ordered the quiche which was a salted pastry crust tart filled with vegetables and fresh burrata mozzarella, served with greens and a homemade tomato sauce. I almost gave the sauce a miss till I accidentally dipped a bit of the tart into it to realise how well it enhanced the flavours. S ordered a refreshing salad called Praia which had iceberg lettuce, watermelon dices, green olives, cashew nuts and feta in vinaigrette dressing. Perfect for a hot afternoon!


From their dessert counter we debated over the Fruit Crumble and Creme Caramel, and finally decided to go with the latter. The custard was light and creamy. For those of you who love crème caramel but fear to try it in restaurants for the overpowering egg smell, well, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

DSC03335Just as we were about to call it a meal, S and I realised that we hadn’t spoken about the most important of all topics (not getting into details there!). Conversations always seem better with good cappuccino, so we ordered two cups and had a heart-to-heart.

We are definitely going back soon to try more from the menu. One of the philosophies of Om Made Cafe is to present food using fresh local ingredients and keeping it simple.

Meal for two: 1600 INR including cocktails
Address: #136, Above Gold’s Gym, 1st Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore; tel: 25533369; http://www.ommadecafe.com



  1. Sounds beautiful. I have seen the hoarding many a times, but had a a very different sort of place in mind. Must visit now!

  2. Tadka Pasta says

    Went there on Oct 2nd but they were closed. Have been meaning to go again. Sounds like a nice cafe..that salad looks amazing!

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