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Pure Indulgence at Cafe of Joy


Sometime back, I had stumbled upon this quote by a famous Persian poet called Rumi, “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” I felt that joy when I started my own food blog. It is a different high! So when I met the baker of a new cafe in Whitefield and heard her tale (how she gave up her corporate job, took up a baking course in the prestigious Akademie Deutsches Backerhandwerk in Germany, started her own cafe in Bangalore), the mentioned quote popped up in my mind again. And guess what this cafe is called? Cafe of Joy! Joy also happens to be the baker’s name. FYI.

This is a fact that most of us who dwell in the central part of the city, dread to venture further out especially to places like Whitefield, Yeshwanthpur, etc. But if it is for some good food, I think it is definitely worth all the time and effort. Example: It took extreme effort on my part to drag my two fiercely lazy friends (boys) to drive out on a Saturday to Whitefield in search of a cafe that had caught my fancy. But came the moment when we dug into the loaded chicken sausage and parsley quiche, creamy mushroom and caramalised onion quiche and freshly baked cinnamon rolls along with our lattes, we had the same blissful expression. It was sheer joy!

I headed out to Cafe of Joy yet another weekend to try their hot lunch. This time luckily with a girlfriend who needed no convincing. The cafe is an easy-miss if you aren’t paying attention to the direction. Since we kept a look-out, finding it was a breeze though parking was a struggle. The pristine white and lavender décor is a refreshing welcome after the long drive and so is the whiff of freshly baked breads in the air.


The day’s specials are listed on the board over the counter where you can take your pick. Or Joy is always around to tempt you with her creations as she patiently describes each dish in mouthwatering detail. We nodded dreamily to her suggestions and our orders were placed. In the meantime we sipped on grape soda and tasted the bread basket which was a delicious teaser of what was to come.

Cafe of Joy offers a wide range of artisan breads such as ciabatta, multi-grain, focaccia, pane lariano, polenta walnut loaf, chives monkey bread, cinnamon chocolate braid, Bavarian farmer’s loaf, sourdough, baguettes, gluten-free sesame loaf and more. You can place orders and customise too.


Roasted Capsicum, Caramalised Onions and Goat Cheese Flammkuchen

What arrived at our table: Roasted Capsicum, Caramalised Onions and Goat Cheese Flammkuchen which was a thin crust pizza. Though the topping was simple, it was the pizza base that was delicious. This takes good 20 mintues to prepare but worth the wait.

The Schnecken Pork Sausage came looking irresistible in its snail-like form, was mildly herbed and spiced, and served with Bavarian Potato Salad in a bright orange Le Creuset casserole. The salad was creamy and had a slight tang from the vinegar. I loved the extra chunks of bacon thrown in for good measure.

The Cottage Cheese Sandwich was a thick cottage cheese slab topped with caramalised onions and cream cheese, in between two slices of multi-grain bread. This was served with a refreshing salad of figs, lettuce, capsicum and tomato in hung curd dressing.


Schnecken Pork Sausage with Bavarian Potato Salad; Cottage Cheese Sandwich with Fig and Lettuce Salad

For desserts, we indulged in the sinful Sacher – dense chocolate cake layered with apricot jam and topped with rich dark chocolate icing. A must-have for chocolate lovers!


The baker – Joy Basu

With the Sacher we thought of calling it a meal till we saw the Fruhstuck Kuchen (short cakes/ muffins). We picked the blueberry with oatmeal crumble, and pineapple, and enjoyed them with our cappuccinos as we sat Joy down to tell us more about her upcoming new dishes and authentic German/ European bakes.

Some interesting dishes coming up: Fish Pie, Bone Marrow on Brioche, Bee Sting Cake and German Cheesecakes

Price range: Breads range from 100 to 200 INR, desserts from 100 to 175 INR and hot lunches go upto 350 INR

Address: No. 8, Siddhapura, Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore (landmark: Near Adarsh Palm Meadows and Next to Bhagini Iris Restaurant); tel: 9886329015; Timings: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 8 pm



  1. Joy Basu says

    Thanks for coming by Plavaneeta – glad you enjoyed it! Hope to see you again soon

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