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Get Some Dim Sum at Yauatcha!

Dim Sum at Yauatcha

Dim Sum at Yauatcha

This Michelin-star restaurant had the foodie fraternity of the city buzzing since before it officially opened, and P and I were wondering what all the fuss was about. Some dim sum and a whole lot of cocktails later, we get it. Yes, Yauatcha is everything it promises to be and den sum.

We popped in to check out the Dim Sum and Drink Some menu, a special promotion where you get to sample some of their famed dumplings, all washed down with the bar’s best concoctions. What’s great is the price tag: 699++ per head for the non-alcoholic option and 799++ if you choose booze. Not bad after some retail therapy, huh?

On first impression, the space looks a little too austere, but then the details start to appear: pretty motifs on the furniture, a bar table nestled in a cosy nook, and a wonderful ‘posh restaurant’ air, which makes you feel cut off completely from the busy street outside, and forget that you’re in a mall.

A look at Yauatcha

A look at Yauatcha

The dim sum basket arrived with eight plump dumplings; two of four kinds. We had heard rave reviews about the Har Gau here, and they’re well deserved – the prawn encased in the pearly white pleats (and 17, at that!) was pink, fresh and delicious. The only independent flavour came by way of an excellent chilli oil dipping sauce. Coming in a close second was the Chicken and Prawn Shui Mai, which I recommend trying without a sauce. For the vegetarians, there’s the Chive Dumpling, presented in an earthy shade of green, and the Crystal Dumpling, named on account of its near-transparent casing.

We peeked outside of the menu and ordered the Crispy Duck Roll, a Peking Duck-style roll which replaces the pancake with a crispy shell. Another great dish, served with a lovely hoisin sauce.

Crispy Duck Roll

Crispy Duck Roll

The Lalu & Thea

The Lalu & Thea

And now for the ‘Drink Some’ part of the deal. On offer are the Thea Martini, a heady vodka-based potion, and the Lalu, a gentle, lemongrass and vodka drink elevated by a hint of oolong. The Lalu is a great option for those who shy away from strong flavours, while the Thea Martini seems shaken and stirred up for the brave. We also tried the Black River Martini, with Johnny Walker Black label, apple juice, apricot liqueur and blackberries, which could be my new favourite drink! P’s vote went to the Kumquatcha, a citrusy medley of cachaça, kumquats, Campari, orange juice and lime. The grapey Cha La Lai was pleasant too, if a little too sweet.

We were lucky we had room left for dessert, as we would have seriously regretted not taking a bite of Yauatcha’s signature dessert, the Raspberry Delice. Pretty as a picture, almost too pretty to eat (almost being the operative word)! The velvety casing gave way to a seductively smooth chocolate mousse, which married oh-so-well with the tart raspberry sauce. Love at first bite, indeed, and not entirely fair to the chocolately sculpture presented to us, a Milk Chocolate Praline which would have been amazing, were it not for its spectacular predecessor.

Raspberry Delice and Milk Chocolate Praline

Raspberry Delice and Milk Chocolate Praline

The evening ended with some colourful macarons. We don’t have a picture though; I blame P’s notorious sweet tooth!

We left satiated and thoroughly impressed, and we will be back for more. I spotted a Braised Pork Belly with my name on it 😉



    • Quite good, but a tad too expensive, IMO. However, they have interesting fillings like water chestnuts, pumpkin and pine nuts, so I guess you’re paying for a unique experience!

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