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Building Memories with Paper Boat


There are certain F&B products you find yourself purchasing again and again because of the quality. Then there are those that go beyond quality and manage to strike a chord on a more personal level. For me, Paper Boat is one such brand that evokes fond childhood memories every time I pick up products from their tempting range of beverages. I have grown up loving aam (mango), imli (tamarind) and jamun (Indian blackberry), and I remember those days back in boarding school when I would eagerly wait for summer vacations to start to head back home to relish these fruits. So when I came across drinks by Paper Boat with flavours such as aamras, jamun kala khatta, imli ka amlana, and the like, it was an absolute delight and now I am hooked!


So this is a story about four friends, all avid beverage lovers, who decided to start their own beverage company on a hot summer afternoon while relishing homemade aam panna. The intention was to spread their love for simple and rustic flavours to others around them. As is popularly known, food tastes much sweeter when shared! What I love about the brand is their tag line ‘drinks and memories’ as they emphasise on the fact that they are not just any other beverage company but one that makes a sincere effort in rebuilding memories for their customers. The quirky packaging and the name itself ‘Paper Boat’ lend to its appeal.

From their range of flavours, my favouites inlcude –

Jamun Kala Khatta: Jamun or Indian blackberry is one of my favourite fruits. At my native home in Assam, during summers, we would take the Indian blackberries, squeeze out the juice, add a little water, sugar and lemon juice, and store them in bottles as refreshment for the week. Apart from the flavour, I have always loved the pretty pink hue of the juice. So as I poured Paper Boat’s jamun juice in a glass, it brought back the same excitement. And rather than the tangy note in my recipe, this one had hints of spices which I thought worked wonders to enhance the flavour of the drink.


Imli Ka Amlana: To say that Indian girls love imli (tamarind) is an understatement! I am certain that each of us have memories of relishing this tangy delight with black salt on lazy afternoons while gossiping with friends, sisters, aunts, mother or grandmother. Paper Boat’s imli drink contains the same rustic flavour though the tanginess is mellowed down with the help of mild spices. We tried to be experimental and used this drink as a mixer for a whisky based cocktail and it turned out to be a great hit! The flavours beautifully complemented each other.

Aam Panna: This has been my all-time-favourite drink since a kid. Something about raw mangoes that makes it so difficult to resist! This sweet, sour and spicy mix has many variations throughout the country but Paper Boat’s creation is a light drink with tangy raw mango pulp, little sugar, cumin and pepper. Refreshing indeed!

Other flavours include aamras, golgappe ka pani, kokum, and jal jeera. They are working on many more exciting flavous that will be available shortly. The beverages are priced at 30 INR.

For further details, log onto http://www.paperboatdrinks.com


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