Weekend with Mr. Bean

Where do you take a 10-year old to grab a quick bite? Amongst the many places that were hovering in my head, a cafe seemed like the best bet. Especially with a kid who is extremely picky about her choice of food. So it was Mr. Bean’s Home Cafe at Koramangala.

Easter Baking Class at Lavonne

Long weekends always bring a cheer. And this Easter weekend, we decided to spend it learning to bake some festive treats. Lavonne, the popular patisserie and baking academy at Bangalore, is also known for their baking classes where one can learn to make a whole range of delights such as cupcakes, breads, tarts, pies, quiches,…

Weekends Like Easter

I wouldn’t call myself religious even though I do believe in a greater force. But I love all festivals for the sole reason that it brings people together and there’s always a grand feast involved. The best part is that for each festival I get to indulge on some delectable dishes, learn about varied cultures,…

Lunching at Rasa India

Pink is a colour that I find hard to ignore. So when we spotted the bright pink restaurant called Rasa at CMH Road, we had to pay a visit despite the fact that they serve pure vegetarian food. Yes, I still find it extremely difficult to sit through a meat-free meal. But the simple, flavoursome,…

Devilled Eggs with Coriander Microgreens

Nothing like some flavoursome indulgence on a lazy Sunday. And when it’s as easy a recipe as Devilled Eggs, all the more better. To add a little punch, we used kasundi and some coriander microgreens to the classic recipe.