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Weekend with Mr. Bean


Mr. Bean’s Home Cafe; Pizza Margherita

Where do you take a 10-year old to grab a quick bite? Amongst the many places that were hovering in my head, a cafe seemed like the best bet. Especially with a kid who is extremely picky about her choice of food. So it was Mr. Bean’s Home Cafe at Koramangala.


DSC04824The bungalow set-up is cleverly styled with an artsy edge. We loved the concept of different nooks and corners, each unique in décor, and gives one the much needed privacy. We chose a secluded section with tall glass windows and bar stool-like arrangement. Had it been a cool, breezy day, I would have perhaps chosen the outdoor seating in a pretty garden-like set-up.

We began our meal with some coolers: Boston Iced Tea which was cranberry flavoured; Kit Kat Shake, a thick chocolate milk shake garnished with a bar of Kit Kat; and Oreo Shake, vanilla milkshake loaded with crushed oreo cookies.

The menu mainly comprises 24/7 breakfast selections, sandwiches, crepes, Maggie, bruschettas, quessadilas, nachos, salads, soups, pastas, pizzas, wholesome meals, and desserts. For starters, we ordered Mushroom Bruschetta, which looked similar to a hot dog bun, was stuffed with cheesy mushrooms, and served with homemade pesto. I had expected the typical slices of baguette with toppings but this version was delicious. Up next were Nachos Platter and Garlic Bread. The nachos were served with three accompaniments – sour cream, cheese and salsa. The garlic bread, a favourite with the concerned 10-year old, was much enjoyed with a drizzle of garlic flavoured olive oil and a sprinkle of mixed herbs.


Mushroom Bruschetta; Nachos Platter


Garlic Bread; Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli

For main course, we ordered Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli, Grilled Chicken, and Pizza Margherita. The pasta was served in a rich, creamy sauce, however, it failed to impress. I would have loved moist and plump packets of the pasta. The grilled chicken was tender, placed on a bed of mashed potatoes along with greens, and topped with brown mushroom sauce. The thin crust, classic pizza with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and parmesan was flavoursome and a big hit with the little one. When it comes to judging food for kids, especially with this particular one, there are only two verdicts: yuck or awesome. And the pizza, according to her was “super awesome”.


Grilled Chicken; Macaroons

Their dessert section had a tempting range of cheesecakes, brownies and waffles, but we decided to pick the macaroons instead. Available in different flavours, our favourite was the orange.

A meal for two would cost about 1200 INR.
100 Feet Road, Next to Karnataka Bank, Near BDA Complex, 3rd Block, Koramangala; tel: 080 61344833



  1. Pooja says

    Wow.. Now this seems to be a visual treat for my eyes and I’m drooling literally looking at those Mushroom Bruschetta and The Garlic Bread.. It surely looks delicious! By the way nice review 🙂

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