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Sunday Brunch at The Glass House


House Cured Vietnamese Basa with Fennel Dressing and Pickled Cucumber; in-house vanilla and raspberry icecream

We had heard much about The Glass House before we decided that it’s about time we paid a visit to see for ourselves how much of the chitter chatter were real. I liked the sound of it. In my mind, I had pictured a swanky place exemplifying modern minimalist architecture, and with dreamy lights lending charm to it. Something about glass that always makes me step back in awe. But rather than a romantic dinner, I picked a Sunday to enjoy a lazy brunch with my girl pal and over indulge.


The swanky setting; Amareddy and White Sangria; in-house hangover remedies

Located at the heart of the city, The Glass House is a deli, all day bistro and bar. And as expected, the setting was beautiful with glass and light working their magic. The outdoor section could get a little hot during the afternoon. If you are lucky with Bangalore weather then it’s the perfect spot. We chose to sit at the bar to kickstart our cocktail spree and witness all the action. For Sunday brunch, they have a separate list of cocktails. I ordered the Amaready while S picked her standard white wine sangria. But before that, the bartender brought us a huge tub filled with miniature Absolut bottles with their hangover remedies in coffee and litchi flavours. Yes, we had partied hard the previous night and possibly could have looked derailed, however, that ‘remedy’ was no where close to easing it up for us. Potent and heady, it was only a trick to start the binge all over again. Then arrived the Amareddy which was a smooth mix of apples, vodka and amaretto (almond liqueur) while the sparkling sangria was delicious with pieces of green apple.

The Sunday brunch spread had a range of salads, breads, cheeses, dips, cold cuts, live egg and pasta stations, pizzas, grills, desserts and ice creams. I began my meal with Thyme Scented Braised Vegetable Soup and picked a few breads to go along with it – garlic flavoured focaccia, baguette and lavash. From the salad counter, I made my own with lettuce, grilled chicken cubes, carrot cubes, and olives in lemon vinaigrette dressing with a hint of honey and mustard, along with assorted cheese and cold cuts.


From the complex salads, I tried the Roasted Baby Potatoes, crisp and tossed in grainy mustard dressing along with tomatoes; the Traditional Greek Salad, rustic with pieces of mixed vegetables dressed in olive oil and seasoned with oregano; House Cured Vietnamese Basa, pan-seared fish with fennel dressing and served with pickled cucumber; and Shredded Beef and Roasted Shallots, spiced and tossed with bell peppers. From the dips, I enjoyed the Baba Ghanoush with the smoky aubergine flavour and topped with fresh pomegranate; and the hummus with its slight tang.


One of my all-time favourite dishes is the quiche. Every cafe I visit, I have to order the quiche. So when I saw it in the Sunday brunch spread, I had a smile. And thankfully, it was delicious too with cubes of chicken in a creamy filling and sealed with the crumbly pie crust.


For our second round of cocktails, S decided to stick to her Sangria while I went on to try Whisky Melange, which was a sweet shakeup of whisky and elder flowers. While we were just about enjoying our drinks, the bar staff, carrying a huge bottle filled with house cocktail, made a round by each table ensuring that each guest took a huge gulp of the drink. Must say, they take great care in lifting everyone’s spirit! The next order was Chocolate Sundance, a sinful cocktail of Havana Club, chocolate syrup and vanilla; and classic Daiquiri.


From the wood fired pizzas, we picked the one inspired by Japanese flavours. It had chunks of teriyaki glazed chicken and sprouts, flavoured with miso, and topped with teriyaki. Though the concept seemed interesting, however, it failed to impress in terms of taste. We went on to try the French Toast and loved the melt-in-the-mouth texture and cinnamon flavour along with the raspberry compote and mascarpone. I could have three helpings of this any given day!


At this time, to make us merrier, the bartender tricked us into playing some bar games which eventually made us realise that shutting the mind is much easier than making it work post a series of shooters! We also tried the in-house Bailey’s Irish Cream which looked pretty with a blue streak, and tasted just as good.

The live stations at this point were busy in action. At the egg counter, the chef was dishing out different preparations of eggs, Benedict, Florentine, crispy waffles, and pancakes with maple syrup, fruit compote, sausages or bacon. We headed to the pasta station and ordered spaghetti with chicken sausages, tossed in tomato sauce and topped with grated cheese; and Penne Arrabiata with mushrooms. From the grills, we tried the assorted veggies, cottage cheese and fish. Mildly seasoned, the grills were moist soaking in all the juices.


And finally, we made our way to the dessert counter. There was a gorgeous spread of treats such as Coffee Arabica Laguna Tart (eggless), Seasonal Fruit Tart, Tiramisu Cake, dark chocolate pastries, Beesting Flan, and Mango Eclairs to name a few. We enjoyed the marshmallows with chocolate dip and the icecreams for the cart, especially the fresh mango flavour.


The Sunday brunch is priced at 1850 INR excluding taxes.

#25/2, Lavelle Road, Bangalore; tel: 61344868


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