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Bedmi Poori, the Favourite Breakfast in Old Delhi

When in Delhi, among the many places to visit in the city, one such part is Old Delhi. It is of course not for everyone, but if you have the patience to deal with crowded streets and the zeal to discover the best of Indian street food and budget knick-knacks, you need to put it in your itinerary. For food lovers, it is a thrilling experience. While gallivanting, you are bound to come across legendary eateries in the neighbourhood serving crispy jalebis, piping hot pooris and kachoris, spicy chaats, decadent mithas and so many other delicious treats. A local speciality dish that you definitely must try is the Bedmi Poori.

Bedmi Poori-2

Poori-sabji is hands down the breakfast favourite in India. Fluffy breads teamed with spicy potato gravy, and you are sure to lose count of how many you eat. The Bedmi Poori is slightly different. It is crisp, almost like a kachori, and flavoured with a handful of spices. At most eateries, the Bedmi Pooris are deep-fried in desi ghee, and served with aloo sabji (spicy potato gravy), chole (chickpeas cooked with spices) and gajar ka achar (carrot pickle) as sides. Coarse wheat flour is used in the making and the dough is rolled along with a paste made of lentils and spices, known as dal ka pithi. Enjoy it piping hot and you are sure to come back for more.

Bedmi Pooris are served in many eateries in Old Delhi, but some of the most popular ones are Shiv Misthan Bhandar and Shyam Sweets. How to find them? Just Google or ask around; both are legendary.

Bedmi Poori-SMB

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