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Welcome to Travel and Chow!

Fish and chips

If you have the soul of an explorer or the appetite of a food lover, Travel and Chow is sure to be your best companion. The blog aims to be a platform to document travel and food experiences of ordinary people as they set out to explore various destinations. It is so easy to find travel information on the internet – places to stay, places to visit, places to eat – but what makes any trip even more memorable are those little experiences, which then make for fascinating tales.

Started by Plavaneeta Borah, who is a lifestyle journalist based in New Delhi, the blog includes travel and food stories as well as news and trends on both the beats across India. It features her personal experiences as well as those of people who she has met through her wanderings. There are delectable recipes too, some that are passed down through families and some that are inspired by dishes tasted in various destinations.

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Travel and Chow is a lifestyle blog run by Plavaneeta Borah, a journalist based in New Delhi. Plavaneeta has worked with various media houses in India such as NDTV, BBC Good Food, Times of India and Femina for almost a decade. Cooking is her passion, and feeding people is her favourite pastime, apart from perpetually planning her next travel destination.

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