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Kyoto: When Kimonos Drew Our Gaze Away From Cherry Blossoms

Springtime doesn’t just see the splurge of beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, but also tourists who come to be smitten by the dreamy scenery. Sakura, as known locally, the flowers work their charm not only on the guests but the habituated locals too. They are everywhere, even going into the making of wine, chocolates, sweets, flavoured drinks, cupcakes, parfait, pancakes, chips, tumblers, mugs and what not! This is also the time when Japanese women dress up in their fine kimonos, adding more vibrancy to the whole place. On our trip to the iconic Fushimi Inari-Taisha shrine, we witness them as they take the day off to join in the festivities but not without posing for selfies.


Springtime at Kyoto


Three Musketeers in Kimono


Obsession with Selfies at Arashiyama Bamboo Forest


A Japanese Bride on Her Wedding Day


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Antara is a travel-holic and a boutique travel experience specialist of India & Bhutan. She spends most of her time exploring, learning and meeting people (and travel companies) who share the same enthusiasm and passion. She plays the role of 'Director of Marketing' for an exclusive travel & hospitality group in eastern India with privately-owned boutique travel products - River cruises | Boutique Lodges & Resorts | Destination Management Services | Textiles & Handicrafts | Assam Tea Plantations

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