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Nutella Filled Ponchiki at Lavaash by Saby

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that most of Delhi folks hardly knew about Armenian cuisine until Chef Saby decided to introduce a restaurant specialising in it along with Bengali influences, thus revealing that Armenians did contribute significantly to the culture and culinary landscape of Kolkata, then Calcutta. Lavaash by Saby is an attempt to share with the world his story of growing up amidst West Bengal’s Armenian community and discovering a cuisine with many spectacular delicacies.

The menu at the charming eatery in Mehrauli is extensive, where you will come across familiar dishes like Kabiraji Cutlet and Egg Devil as well as Mediterranean favourites such as Mezze Platter, Labneh, Dolma, Koobideh and Hummus among other lip-smacking dishes. There’s much to explore.

Having a sweet tooth, the dessert section for us is always a prime highlight with the Orange Pound Cake being the No. 1 pick. But of lately, a decadent treat from the menu that has got us hooked is the Ponchiki. Ponchiki is the Armenian version of filled doughnuts, though you will also come across them in Russia. In Lavaash, you can order by piece, and one is enough to make the two of you enjoy it without feeling too guilty.


The light and airy dough casing is filled to the brim with either Pastry Cream or Nutella – we chose Nutella – and as soon as you cut through the doughnut, it flows out to make it an immensely sinful treat. The trick is to count your calories later and just indulge.

Where: H-5/1, Ambawatta One, Kalkadass Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Price: INR 200 for 1 piece

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