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Boozy Chocolate Tiramisu at The Big Chill Cafe


Anyone who has either lived in or visited Delhi many times would know the joy of eating at The Big Chill Cafe. It’s not like they serve out of the world food, but it’s the comfort that the food brings that you find yourself heading back time and again whenever you need some TLC. Be it shakes, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches or their decadent range of desserts. In fact, The Big Chill Cafe is still everyone’s favourite dessert place in town.

I am a sucker for desserts, so almost every other place lures me with their sinful treats. It’s only recently that i find myself looking for any excuse to meet a friend or grab a quick meal at Big Chill, the underlying motive being to indulge in a slice of Chocolate Tiramisu.

The Classic Tiramisu is a perfect dessert on its own. So perfect that I have never dared to mess with it ever. So when I came across the chocolate version in Big Chill few years ago, I was skeptical. I couldn’t ignore it either because I love chocolate far too much. So out of curiosity, I gave in and ordered a plate. And then my life changed, and I found a new favourite that still remains my No. 1 dessert in town.

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End of reasons

With alternating layers of mascarpone and chocolate, the sponge is generously soaked in liqueur to make it heady. I love the fact that it’s not overly sweet, and chocolate lovers can truly enjoy the rich flavour of dark chocolate.

If you happen to drop by in Big Chill anytime soon, remember to give it a try. It costs INR 345 per slice.

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