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Food Product Review: Dr. Oetker Funfoods Eggless Brownie Mix

Who doesn’t love a good, dense chocolate brownie? While it is an immensely enjoyable dessert, not all of us love baking or have the time to go through the whole process of making brownies at home. So what’s the next best thing when you still want to put in some effort and create something delicious for friends and family? Enter Bake Mix. Many brands offer Bake Mixes that make the process of baking cakes easy and quick. A brand that we spotted in our supermarket was Dr. Oetker Funfoods Eggless Brownie Bake Mix, and we decided to give it a try.

Costing just INR 99, the info on the box stated that it results in 10 pieces of brownie. Apart from the Bake mix, you only need two ingredients to make it – 100ml water and 20gm melted butter, following the step-by-step recipe. There were a few variations mentioned too, such as Rum Brownie and Choco Almond Brownie, as well as Tips. We decided to make the Rum Brownie, and got started with the three-step process.

Watch our video here –

What We Thought

The Eggless Brownie turned out to be quite good, as it had the right amount of sugar, and was muddy. We however couldn’t taste any rum (the pack had mentioned 25ml rum). You could go ahead and add up to 40 ml of rum. We missed the crunch of nuts in the brownie, which would have made it more enjoyable.

For those who prefer dense and rich chocolate brownie, and like to enjoy it on its own, this probably won’t work for you. But if you are looking to spruce it up into a dessert with chocolate sauce and ice cream, then it will work well. Besides it is super easy to make.

Have you tried any other Bake Mix? Let us know!


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