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Ganging Up for Sunday Brunch at PappaRoti, Noida

A couple of years back I would have probably snapped at someone for planning a non-boozy Sunday brunch. After all how can one spend the holiday without sipping sangria or trying out a splashing range of innovative cocktails? But that was then. Now, I don’t mind having a peaceful Sunday at a cosy new cafe sans the booze. I can in fact concentrate better on the food, delving more into the little details.

With my friends recently shifting to Noida, I finally went over to explore a part of town that’s as good as new to me. Contrary to my belief that Noida has very limited eating out options, we actually came up with a decent list of places to head to for a meal. Thanks to DLF Mall of India.

Having heard much about the global brand PappaRoti, and still not finding the time to try it out, it was our final pick for Sunday brunch. Charmingly done up, the cafe was tucked in one corner of the mall but luckily wasn’t too difficult to spot. At 2pm it was buzzing, but we managed to find a table for four quite easily.


The ambience in PappaRoti

What We Ate:

The menu offered a good selection of dishes, ranging from sandwiches and burgers to pastas and one-pot baked  dishes. The first dish to arrive at the table was a tower-like bread filled with minced chicken cooked in Indian spices. Interesting to look at, it was a delicious spin to the street-side keema pav, and was called Chicken Keema Chow.


Chicken Keema Chow

Next up was a variation of Shakshuka, made instead with a creamy white sauce, with chicken pieces and veggies tossed in. Chicken Cordon Bleu Shakshuka wasn’t impressive, probably for the lack of seasoning or the fact that the side of parsley rice did little to add to the flavour or complement it.


Chicken Cordon Bleu Shakshuka

On the other hand, the Grilled Chicken with Hummus and Pita was wiped clean within minutes. The hummus had the right amount of tang and pungency, while the chicken was grilled perfectly to keep cubes moist and juicy.


Grilled Chicken with Hummus

The Juicy Chicken Burger that followed wasn’t the best looking burger but it was delicious with a mildly spiced patty and mayo. It definitely doesn’t list in the league of the best burgers in Delhi-NCR though.


Finally coming to their signature buns, we ordered the one with nutella and crushed hazelnuts, and I must say, it truly lived up to its hype. The fluffy and light bun was a treat to bite into, with the nutella adding richness and hazelnuts some crunch – the right amount of wow in your mouth.

Did we enjoy our experience? Yes

Are we going back for more? Yes, would like to try other dishes and buns

Disappointed with: Chicken Cordon Bleu Shakshuka

Happy with: Everything else

Our bill: INR 3,226 (for food and beverages)

Where: B-204, First Floor, DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida


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