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Cultural Evening with Friends at Triveni Terrace Cafe, Delhi

Honestly, I had never heard of Triveni Terrace Cafe until I stumbled upon it online while Googling for cafes near Mandi House. Yeah, who looks for places near Mandi House, right? Well, my girl squad and I had planned a theatre night, thanks to the ongoing theatre festival at NSD (National School of Drama) in April. And since we were meeting after a long while, we decided to catch up near about the area to grab a quick meal before the show. So popped up Triveni Rooftop Cafe at Triveni Kala Sangam, and it seemed perfect, being five minutes away from NSD.

Someone said it right that when you least expect it, somethings turn out to be just amazing. We had no expectations of the cafe, knowing that it’s a small eatery, tucked atop the cultural centre. In fact we assumed it to be an ordinary canteen. But right from the time we stepped into the complex, we could sense the good vibe. To add to it, there was a live Bharatanatyam show taking place at the amphitheatre in front of the cafe. People had gathered around to enjoy the performance under the open evening sky. Had it not been for the play, we too would have spent our time there, soaking in this cultural side of Delhi. We had in fact planned a theatre night for that very reason – to take a break from the usual scene at restaurants and bars, and do something more insightful. It was indeed a great start to the evening.

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The cafe was buzzing and we had to wait for good 20 minutes before getting a table. For once we didn’t mind; there was great entertainment to turn to. Contrary to our belief, the menu had an interesting range of dishes, including a few innovative creations. We right away went for the special beverages of the day – Bael Sherbet and Aam Panna – as well as cold coffee and iced tea. What arrived were nothing fancy, as customary in popular cafes in the city, but simple and flavourful drinks. The Bael Sherbet and Cold Coffee were just like you would make them at home, while the Aam Panna had a strong kick of spices and the iced tea held its own with the right amount of sweetness.


Since we had very less time and not too big an appetite, we ordered just two dishes despite wanting to try so much more. The Idli Chicken, which sounded unusual, was an instant favourite. On a bed of pillowy idli was placed juicy chicken chunks cooked in South Indian spices, and garnished with curry leaves, papad and an extra sprinkling of gunpowder. Not once did we miss the customary sambar or coconut chutney. It had all the right flavours packed into it.

The Mutton Keema Chops were a miniature version of the Bengali snack, and looked more like fried balls. Delightfully crunchy on the outer and packed with minced meat, they made for a great munchie, especially with the spicy green chutney, while we chatted away to glory.


It was already time to leave and we all wished we could stay longer. We were having such a great time with good food and company. But we promised to make our way back to try more from their menu, especially the Palak Patta Chaat, Parvel Kebab, Triveni Fish Curry and Aam Papad and Dark Chocolate Dense Cake.

Did we enjoy our experience? Yes

Are we going back for more? Yes, would like to try other dishes

Disappointed with: Nothing

Happy with: Everything

Our bill: INR 850 (for food and beverages)

Where: Triveni Kala Sangam, Opposite FICCI Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi

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