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Bacon Mac-N-Cheese Burger At Between Buns

Who doesn’t love digging into a good mac-n-cheese or munching on crispy bacon or a scrumptious burger? But all of them put together in one is something we were finding it hard to picture until it arrived at our table looking absolutely delicious. In what’s become one of my favourite burger joints in the city – Between Buns, I find myself often looking for excuses to drop in and try their delectable range of burgers and other treats. Apart from getting most of their flavours on point, their USP also lies in the fact that they bake their breads in-house, and so it’s fresh, light and spongy, and sometimes flavoured too.

It’s not hard to figure someone going gaga over meaty burgers, but what makes a mac-n-cheese burger special? Well, let’s first describe the burger. Here a poppy seeds crusted brioche bun is stuffed with a plump patty (made with macaroni, bechamel sauce, parmesan and bacon bits), and topped with bacon rashers, lettuce and cocktail sauce, with accompaniments that include mustard cheese fondue and house salad.

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Before we even get to the fondue, we take a bite of the burger and it instantly hits the spot. Because the patty is creamy and cheesy with a charred outer layer, you almost forget that you are biting into macaroni until you see it. And together with bacon, it just makes a delicious combo by bringing together comforting flavours. It’s like a bun samosa, there seems no logic to it yet it tastes unbelievably good.

Go try it and you will know.

Where: C13, SDA Market, Opposite IIT Delhi, New Delhi
Cost: INR 399 plus taxes


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