About the Author

Travel and Chow is the travelogue of Plavaneeta Borah, who is a freelance lifestyle journalist based in New Delhi, India. She has worked for various renowned Indian publications and media houses such as NDTV Food, BBC Good Food India, The Times of India and Femina among others. Food and travel are two beats that never fail to catch her attention, and she always gets as excited as a little girl when someone mentions a new restaurant, an unexplored cuisine, a new travel destination, or the need to just take a break.

With all the feasting and travelling, starting a blog to share her experiences with the world was inevitable. Revamping her earlier blog, The Fork Tales, she now presents Travel and Chow, for all those who live to eat and travel the world.

“Someone had said it right, only thing that makes you richer is travel. The more you explore the world, its people and culture, the more you learn and grow as an individual. For some of us, to travel is not just a recreational activity, but much more than that. And it stirs such a passion within that more you have of it, the happier you become. That should be the end goal anyway.”

Happy browsing!

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