Devilled Eggs with Coriander Microgreens

Nothing like some flavoursome indulgence on a lazy Sunday. And when it’s as easy a recipe as Devilled Eggs, all the more better. To add a little punch, we used kasundi and some coriander microgreens to the classic recipe. 

Egg Yolk Ravioli

These little square cases may seem irresistible but it requires skill to dish out the perfect egg yolk ravioli. If you have followed Masterchef USA, you would remember the judges (including Chef Gordan Ramsay) gasping when Jennifer Behm had attempted to make egg yolk ravioli in the semi-finals of Season 2. Ravioli is my favourite…

Going Wild With Mushrooms at Likethatonly

Teriyaki Glazed Wild Mushrooms Photo credit: Nithin Sagi; Location: Likethatonly Peculiar, oddly-shaped yet intriguing, there’s much more to mushroom than meets the eye. The question is, are you willing to explore? Chef Prashanth Puttaswamy from Likethatonly shares an easy recipe to toss up wild mushrooms at home.