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Fish and chips

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If you have the soul of an explorer or the appetite of a food lover, Travel and Chow is sure to be your best companion. The blog aims to be a platform to document travel and food experiences of ordinary people as they set out to explore various destinations. 


Lunching At Sancho’s

I’ve always considered Mexican food to be the perfect pick-me-up. Maybe it’s the merry crunch of nachos, or the vibrant salsa, the indulgent cheese, or the heat and the all-round freshness of the cuisine. It hits the spot every time, but sadly, the city has very few favourites for a fun fiesta. After a recent lunch at Sancho’s, I think it’s safe to say a game-changer has arrived. P and I walked in for a late lunch on Sunday. The fact the place was filled to near-capacity at 4pm was our first clue this place was worth the hype (a couple of friends from Mumbai swear by its sister in Khar).  You can choose between tables on the deck, or a rustic space inside ­ ─ earthy accents, pottery, chandeliers and all. We would have loved a table on the deck, but since the restaurant was full to bursting, we settled for a table for two inside. The view is still pretty good though, but you better book ahead if you want to soak up …

Rendezvous with Chef Andre Chiang

Amongst the many questions on food that people ask me, I find it most difficult to answer this particular one and that is, what does food mean to you? It may seem like a harmless question but as I start to answer, there’s always a moment of pause, when the mind’s racing through countless emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Somehow I am always at a loss of words to express how dearly I feel for food, which is also so personal. When we met up with Andre Chiang, Chef & Owner of Restaurant ANDRE, Singapore, also ranked number 37 in World’s 50 Best Restaurants, and asked him the same question, he answered immediately, “food is my life, it’s what I do.” Simple and straight forward. Well, that is him, who makes simplicity look so good.

Sunday Brunch at The Glass House

We had heard much about The Glass House before we decided that it’s about time we paid a visit to see for ourselves how much of the chitter chatter were real. I liked the sound of it. In my mind, I had pictured a swanky place exemplifying modern minimalist architecture, and with dreamy lights lending charm to it. Something about glass that always makes me step back in awe. But rather than a romantic dinner, I picked a Sunday to enjoy a lazy brunch with my girl pal and over indulge.

Lunching at Rasa India

Pink is a colour that I find hard to ignore. So when we spotted the bright pink restaurant called Rasa at CMH Road, we had to pay a visit despite the fact that they serve pure vegetarian food. Yes, I still find it extremely difficult to sit through a meat-free meal. But the simple, flavoursome, homestyle food at the pretty restaurant was definitely a refreshing change on a hot afternoon.

Watermelon and Yellow Tomato Salad with Radish and Red Amaranthus Microgreens

M and I are not typical salad lovers. In fact, we stay as far away from greens as possible unless they are used as a mere bed to present meat in all its glory. However, we are suckers for refreshing flavours. Anything that tastes good, we’ll dig right in. Since this summer is driving us insane, we decided to give a break to our food expeditions and step into our kitchen instead to discover flavours. And nothing like salads for a simple afternoon meal. With a little help from N and his venture Growing Greens, which nurtures a range of microgreens, we spent our weekend cooking, mixing and matching flavours and tossing up salads. Here’s the first recipe from our very own kitchen: watermelon and yellow tomato salad in classic vinaigrette dressing with radish and red amaranthus microgreens.

Lunching at Hanging Gardens Restaurant

As much as I hate to admit this but my food expeditions in Bangalore most often centres around Koramangala, Indiranagar and MG Road. Whitefield and other places happen once in a while when we gear up for a long drive though that requires much planning. However, one fine Sunday, we did manage to make our way towards Banaswadi to meet some old friends and also explore lunch options, and discovered this pretty rooftop place called Hanging Gardens Restaurant in Kasturinagar.