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Recreating Strawberry Jello Cake from Martin’s Sunday Lunch in Manali

Fresh strawberries and jello and cake, what’s not to love? A dessert inspired from my travels to Manali.


Picking The Perfect Wedding Cake With Joonie Tan

Julia Child had once said that a party without cake is just a meeting. I completely agree. And if it’s to do with a wedding then the newly weds have to cut a wedding cake to seal the deal. Well, this is not my philosophy but a friend’s, a soon-to-be-bride. So in search of the perfect wedding cake, we landed up at the doorsteps of Joonie Tan, the much-loved Pastry Chef at Lavonne, Bangalore. 

Obsessed With Meringue

  Food by itself holds less value unless dipped in memories. My first memory of meringue dates back to this Christmas party at the tea estate club when I was a little girl. Can’t remember the exact year, what I wore or the gifts I received. All I remember is being seated at the kid’s round table and this lady in green sari placing a silver tray filled with these little white swirls in front of us. I had never seen anything like it before. And as I took my first bite, the crisp texture easy loosened up and immersed my mouth in absolute sweetness. What were these little treats, I kept questioning again and again as I munched more. (Pic, from left: Walnut Meringue at The Humming Tree; and Lemon Meringue Pie at Cafe Noir)