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The Sassy Spoon Now Open for Breakfast at Nariman Point

Who doesn’t like a good breakfast? For a scrumptious meal before heading to work, The Sassy Spoon in Nariman Point should be in your list.


Vada Mornings

A morning staple, these doughnut resembling fritters are a favourite in South Indian cuisine with its light and crisp texture. The recipe is simple and instructs grinding soaked black lentils (urad dal) with cumin seeds and peppercorns along with a little water till a smooth paste is acquired, and then deep frying till golden in colour. Plenty variations flock the traditional recipe in an attempt at innovation. It is advised to allow the paste to ferment for a few minutes before frying it. This results in the vadas being ultra light and fluffy. The best vadas that we’ve had in years are the ones served at India Coffee House in Ooty. We guarantee that you cannot stop at one! A tangy sambar and a spicy coconut chutney accompany these fritters.