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Cultural Evening with Friends at Triveni Terrace Cafe, Delhi

Watching live Bharatanatyam with delicious snacks and fresh fruit juices to turn to


Pure Indulgence at Cafe of Joy

Sometime back, I had stumbled upon this quote by a famous Persian poet called Rumi, “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” I felt that joy when I started my own food blog. It is a different high! So when I met the baker of a new cafe in Whitefield and heard her tale (how she gave up her corporate job, took up a baking course in the prestigious Akademie Deutsches Backerhandwerk in Germany, started her own cafe in Bangalore), the mentioned quote popped up in my mind again. And guess what this cafe is called? Cafe of Joy! Joy also happens to be the baker’s name. FYI.

Lunching at Om Made Cafe

Just the other day while carrying out some chores in Koramangala 5th Block, I came across the hoarding of Om Made Cafe. Perched atop a building, the glimpses of the cafe that I caught from the street seemed inviting. This is also because I love rooftop spaces and I feel they automatically score points before you even get to the décor let alone food and beverages. The name sounded funky though it did bring a quizzical expression on my friend’s face when I mentioned it to her. The intended pun on everything these days! We discovered only later that the cafe has its origin in Goa where creator and head chef Gregory Bazire launched it in 2009 at Anjuna.

Stopping By The Tuck Shop

There’s this thing about boarding school kids, some find it annoying but we have this habit of going on endlessly about our school days. Someone just needs to mention a particular teacher, a famous song, an expedition to the hills, birthday parties, jam sessions, morning assembly, prep time, and just about anything and we are guaranteed to have a hundred stories to share. And amongst all the topics, ‘tuck shop’ always brings back fond memories. Back then it meant the world to us and we would eagerly wait for every Saturday to get our hands on some yummy treats. A mere Rs. 50 was our ticket to instant happiness. So when I heard that Koramangala has this eatery called The Tuck Shop, I had to pay it a visit in the hope for a ride down memory lane.