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Daulat ki Chaat, the Indian Milk Foam at Chandni Chowk

Daulat ki Chaat, a tempting dessert that makes us head to Old Delhi every winter.


Delving Into Inventive Indian Cuisine at Indian Accent

It is a creative mind that can give shape to numerous possibilities. And when you dare to walk your own path with an urge to present something extraordinary, you inspire the whole world around you and how! Manish Mehrotra, Head Chef at Indian Accent, needs no introduction. Over the years he has won many praises and bagged several prestigious awards for his innovative representation of Indian cuisine. His concepts are path-breaking with immense attention to textures, flavours, and presentation, so much so that a meal at Indian Accent leaves you with a refreshing afterthought and somewhat inspired to step out of your own inhibitions and dare to explore the unknown.