Weekend with Mr. Bean

Where do you take a 10-year old to grab a quick bite? Amongst the many places that were hovering in my head, a cafe seemed like the best bet. Especially with a kid who is extremely picky about her choice of food. So it was Mr. Bean’s Home Cafe at Koramangala.

Lunching at Om Made Cafe

Just the other day while carrying out some chores in Koramangala 5th Block, I came across the hoarding of Om Made Cafe. Perched atop a building, the glimpses of the cafe that I caught from the street seemed inviting. This is also because I love rooftop spaces and I feel they automatically score points before…

Stopping By The Tuck Shop

There’s this thing about boarding school kids, some find it annoying but we have this habit of going on endlessly about our school days. Someone just needs to mention a particular teacher, a famous song, an expedition to the hills, birthday parties, jam sessions, morning assembly, prep time, and just about anything and we are…

Three Dishes We Love At Fenny’s

When this Goan-themed waterhole opened doors in Koramangala, party people in the locality cheered. What’s great about it is that it manages to keep the focus on food as well. Here are a few dishes we loved over several visits.