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Masala Chai and Monsoon Time Treats at Nukkad Cafe, Delhi

It’s the time to sit back and enjoy the monsoon season at Nukkad Cafe


The Inglorious Teasel Gourd

Come monsoon, and you’ll see this vegetable occupying the shelves at grocery stores. I have grown up knowing them as Bhat-karela (in Assamese) and believed that they existed only in the eastern part of India until recently when I spotted them here in Bangalore. While I noticed buyers filling their carts with the inevitable tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflowers and the like, there were only a few who picked this seasonal vegetable to take home. Enjoying the priviledge of a secluded section for the first time in a chaotic supermarket, I took my time to pick the best from the lot of spiny gourds, also called because of its coarse exterior. The dark green ones are sought after for its flavour, slightly bitter with a meaty texture.