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Crushing on Seafood All Over France

Travelling to a seafood loving country such as France, you are bound to have the best fish dishes of your life.


Rediscovering South Indian Cuisine At Bon South

A decade ago when I first stepped into the southern part of the country, my knowledge of South Indian cuisine was limited (shamefully) to dosa, idli, vada, sambar and curd rice. Back in the East, those were the commonly served items at the restaurants and growing up, I thought that was the end to South Indian cuisine. Talk about ignorance! Luckily, the many years spent in the South side have made me discover so many spectacular dishes that I find myself heading back to umpteen restaurants in the city to savour them over and over again. One such restaurant, a recent favourite, is Bon South.

A Goan Afternoon…

It is the perfect setting for a lazy Saturday afternoon. A semi-al fresco space, gentle rain and a lauded Goan chef for company. Chef Edridge Vaz is in town for Sussegado, the Goan festival at the Hyatt Bangalore, and we’re meeting him over lunch. Chef Vaz appears to be a bashful man, but when he talks about Goan cuisine, he truly comes to life. “It’s a cuisine heavily influenced by the Portuguese, tweaked and shaped over a period of 450 years,” he says.